Scam Aware talks continue…

Local Prevention officers attended local supermarkets this week, alongside Natwest Bank speaking to shoppers, and local people about recent scams and frauds; not only County wide but local scams too.

We have seen an increase in scams where suspects are reporting to be from the National Crime Agency (NCA) or the Police – whereby fraudsters are either calling, or emailing vulnerable and elderly victims claiming to be from NCA, or Police officers, and that they need access to phones and computers. They can become quite threatening over the phone.

Please remember an NCA officer or Police officer will never ask to remotely access to your computer via phone, email or online, no will we ask you to verify personal details like passwords or account numbers via phone, email or online; ask you to transfer or hand over money via phone, email or online or bully or threaten you into handing over this information.

Please share this information with vulnerable or elderly friends, family or neighbours who may not have the means to read this information.
Thank you.