Update on last weekend’s Operation Blitz activity

Lewes Op Blitz last weekend (Friday and Saturday) was conducted by PCSOs Turvey and Willson – The team started in Lewes and worked their way through our rural villages, and down onto the coast.

Friday evening started with a call on the Op Blitz mobile to a large group of 20 mixed youths in Landport park, who were gathering. Officers attended and all youths spoken to about our reason for attending, also Officers powers of dispersal should there be any issues this evening. The group appeared to the in good spirits and were not causing issues in the park; after Officers left the group started to head home on their own.

Whilst down Landport way, Officer cut through to the Pells and through the town, happy to report no ASB issues to report. Officers continued to patrol past the train station, and Mountfield road, both areas which have recently seen youth related ASB – other than a small group leaving the college, and a few residents who’d popped out to say hello on Mountfield road, there was nothing to report from these areas.

Officers then made their way to the coast, starting in Dacre road Newhaven, where reports of youth related ASB has previously been a problem. The car park area was checked, no groups to be seen. On group of youths congregating on Dacre road, general chat with the group and no issues to report.

Other areas in Newhaven patrolled this evening included, West Quay Newhaven, Crouch Gardens and harbour are all of which no issues were seen, and none reported via the Op blitz mobile phone.

Saturday evening Officers were called on the Op Blitz mobile to a group of youths throwing stones art the Pets at Home shop. Officers made their way over and an area search was conducted for any youths still in the area, no groups could be seen or made themselves aware to Officers.

Whilst heading back over the coast road, Officers made a stop in Telscombe Cliffs. Garages and take outs along South coast road were checked in on by Officers, nothing to report. Officers had a quick go on a group’s skateboards whilst the group were collecting their pizzas. No rowdy groups or nuisance makers outside any of the local pubs, so Officers continued their patrol across the coast, touching base at the Meridian Centre Peacehaven following youth related ASB a few weeks ago.  

Officers returned to Lewes where a call had come in about youths trying car doors in the De Montfort road area. No one on seen when the team arrived, however car parked parked up on the road and patrols of the adjoining roads conducted as a deterrent if the group were still in the area before heading back around midnight to type up and log off.