Lewes Asb Op Blitz Update Seaford Peacehaven Newhaven

The evening was split into 2 as PCSO’s Hart and Kent went out for the first hour and a bit to cover the Lewes part of OP Blitz. It started with a patrol around the Landport estate which has been a location of ASB outside the local shop and in the recreation ground.

As they arrived into the recreation ground, they came across a car known for ASB and it wasn’t a surprise to find 6 known troublesome youngsters hanging around in the car. Some suitable words of advice were given about the way they conduct themselves in public and the car owner was reminded that they recently were given a section 59 warning for the car, so another one for any anti-social behaviour involving the vehicle will result in the car being seized.

Following the patrol around the Landport estate, police popped over to Shelly Close and The Avenue owing to some cars being damaged recently. On this patrol it was all quiet so it was decided to do the last stop for Lewes which was Malling field. Last week when attended, 2 youths got stopped for possession of cannabis, but on this occasion the park was being used for the right reasons, such as playing.

The team was now PCSO’s Hart, Kent & McNirlan and Inspector RIPLEY.

The first part of the coastal patrol was Newhaven, where they attended Railway Road and Eastside Recreation Ground. This was due to reports of an allotment being damaged the week before, however on the patrols there nothing was seen. After leaving the recreation ground, police carried out a quick stop at the train station and spoke to staff, all was in order and the op Blitz Mobile number was passed to them should there be any issues throughout the evening..

Leaving Newhaven and heading into Seaford where the fun fair was still in town and a few nights prior there had been a few drunken youths causing issues. Upon police arrival in Seaford they carried out a foot patrol around The Salts recreation ground, it was quiet and peaceful and officer spoke with residents who were out about our Blitz patrols and half term issues.

The next stop was the seafront and Martello Fields, in which police stopped to chat with 2 youngsters on bikes. Due to a recent speight in bike thefts, police carried out some quick PNC checks to be safe that the bikes were with their rightful owners. Thankfully everything checked out as was hoped and the two young men were happy to chat with police and took away crime prevention advice about their bikes owing to the recent thefts in the local areas.

After leaving the seafront, a quick pop up to The Crouch, in which a foot patrol was carried out. The Inspector reliving his days on response heard a noise coming from the Bowls club building. As police got closer, they were on high alert, looking out for any movements in the shadows of the night, any flash of light or any noise and then out of nowhere the culprit was found (It was Basil Brush, the ginger haired fox). Police tried to question Basil about his behaviour but he ran away and police didn’t believe they could keep up with the fast pace he set.


Leaving Seaford now and heading over to Peacehaven due to a text message on the Blitz phone, saying some youths were being noisy and troublesome in Chastworth Park on Ambleside Avenue. Police arrived just as a group of young girls were walking down the road. A quick chat with them to ensure they were all safe and well, to which they were and they informed they had just dropped a friend home and were now making their own way home.

Police did carry out a walk around the park but didn’t come across anyone, but did see some mess left in the park which was obviously the remains of those who had been in the park being noisy.

As it was nearing on home time, the patrol headed back to Lewes and did a quick check at the Landport estate due to recent reports of youth ASB and criminal damage. However on this occasion it was quiet and no one was to be seen, officers returned to the station to write up and log off around mid-night.