OP Blitz update for Friday 29th March

Last weekend’s Op Blitz team was conducted by Lewes A Section Lewes and on board there was PC Ross, PCSO’s Nicholson, Disney and Horscroft.

The evening began with a call for a group of youths climbing over machinery at Fort Road recreation ground Newhaven, when officers arrived there was not anyone at the park but a few youths heading down towards West Beach, after that they headed up to South Heighton owing to information received of suspicious males hanging around and drugs being dealt.

The patrols were negative regarding them however the team called in to see one of our local NHW members to make them aware we were around.

The team went off to The Drove and the McDonalds area all was clam on arrival and staff had not had any issues. The team were called into Riverside Hall along the West Quay to engage with the local MENCAP community group.

Dacre Road was next on the list as an area of ongoing youth related ASB – on arrival officers turned up and two young people ran off into the night, an area search was conducted but with no finds.

A call came in on the Op Blitz phone for an aggressive male at Domino’s along the South Coast Road, officers attended, and the group were spoken to; it turned out to be a disagreement about a Pizza order!

Officers were called by the control room as a group of youths were being a nuisance in Newhaven Town, officers attended and the town centre was patrolled, various young people and groups in the area were spoken to and strong words of advice were given around loitering and causing residents and shop owners nuisance.

Fortunately they began dispersing which was timed well as officers were then called over to Seaford to assist in a search for a male who was suffering health issues, response colleagues found the male and dealt with that situation, and the Blitz team took a quick ten minutes to have some well needed refreshments!

Once fed and watered the team went over to Crouch gardens, foot patrols were conducted around the gardens as an area that has been reported as having youth related ASB issues recently. The team walked around speaking to dog walkers about Op Blitz, offering reassurance and contact details should any ASB be witnessed whilst out with their dogs.

Chalvington Park was also covered but again nobody around, likely owing to the fresher weather, however officers hope that continuing to patrol these parks will deter youngsters from congregating late at night when the weather begins to warm up a bit.

A final call was received on the phone to conduct a check in Hastings Ave where a report of a tent along the footpath at the rear of the properties causing obstructions and nuisance. The team arrived just after 23.00hrs and inside they found three young local lads who were all asleep, they did seem rather surprised to officers, but all were spoken to and all were taken home so they were safe.

No further calls were received on the Op Blitz mobile, and the team arrived back at Lewes just after midnight and booked off duty.