Update on last weekend’s (Saturday) Operation Blitz activity

An increase in weather temperatures unfortunately generally sees in an increase in ASB and youth ASB around Bank Holiday weekends.
This weekend Officers joined forces with Wealden (Uckfield) teams to work together to prevent, and disrupt youth ASB around Uckfield and local train stations.

Officers started early afternoon in Lewes and made their way to Uckfield to meet the other teams, for approx. 1330 – High visibility patrols were in place at the stations to deter ASB offenders. Often officer presence is enough, in this case it was not, a group of youths know to Police began to cause issues around the train station and a dispute over fares began to flair.

Officers spoke to supervision who authorised a section 35 (dispersal order) this was issued to a number of youths, who were all requested to leave the area for 48 hours.

Section 35 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 gives a Police Constable and a Police Community Support Officer in uniform the power to exclude a person from an area for a period of up to 48 hours with an Inspector’s authority, by providing the police with powers to dispense individuals in order to remove or reduce the likelihood of members of the public becoming “harassed, alarmed or distressed” or “the occurrence of crime or disorder” in a particular area.

Regrettably Op Blitz was suspended early this weekend owing to an Operation in Eastbourne in which officers were requested to attend; to take statements, operate road blocks and implement safety measures to protect the public.