Update on last weekend’s Operation Blitz activity

Last weekend’s Op Blitz (Friday 26th).

Last weekend’s team was made up of two police vehicles – PCSOs Marchant and Horscroft in one; PCSOs Disney & Nicholson and PC Ross in the other.

Their first call came in about 18:05 to respond to problem youths in Ringmer. They had been sighted climbing on roof of the rifle club in Anchor Fields. 

PCSOs Marchant & Horscroft attended, unfortunately the group had gone off by arrival time, an area search was conducted and a check for any criminal damage.

Following recent spates of youth ASB and vandalism in Lewes, officers visited the Landport area. 

A call came in to attend a large group of youths fighting and moving towards Landport Park, officers went their separate ways but no such groups were seen on the estate nor the park.

Officers stopped off at Landport Rec and conducted foot patrols around the area, no problems to report, a few local residents were spoken to who were given the officers Op Blitz number in the vent they witnessed anything during the evening.

Landport shop was visited as part of the officer’s patrol, the shop owner was spoken to and officer’s numbers passed on for the evening should, and made aware to call if any issues throughout the evening.  

PCSOs Disney & Nicholson and PC Ross stopped and talked to a group of youths walking around the estate, no issues to report and the group were happy to talk to officers about their plans for the evening.

The team moved onto The Linklater and Railwayland, following recent reports of rubbish bening left and youth ASB. All was in order this evening, officers spoke to dog walkers and patrolled the area for about 20 minutes, checking the areas of concern to make sure all was in order.

The latter part of their shift took officers along the coast to Peacehaven, Newhaven and Seaford.

Visits were made to McDonald’s in Newhaven at 2200hrs following continued reports of youth ASB and youths causing a nuisance in the restaurant and outside. Officers checked in with the staff and duty manager, all seemed quite quiet this evening, officers stuck around in the car park just incase and continued foot patrols around the area, stopping off at KFC around 2215 to speak to staff there and checked if they had had any problems during the evening.

A call came in on Op Blitz phone at 2220hrs concerning Ambleside Avenue in Peacehaven and a large group of noisy youths gathering, both units made their way there arriving shortly after 2230.

A group of around 9 youths we all spoken to, and directed to move on and disperse; not however after they were cleared their rubbish they had left in the play park. Officer stuck around to ensure the group moved on, which they did.

Another call on the Blitz phone followed immediately to return to KFC in Newhaven to a group of being abusive and causing issues. En route to Newhaven, PCSOs were diverted to another job, and a Response unit attended KFC.

Officers were freed up and continued drive through patrols of the coastal towns, stopping off through Seaford and made their way back to Lewes shortly after 0000 to sign off.