Councillor Nazish Adil appointed Mayor of Seaford

Seaford Town Council is delighted to announce the appointment of the Mayor for 2019-2020 is Councillor Nazish Adil.

Councillor Adil was voted in as Mayor at the recent Annual General Meeting of the Council and is the first British Asian female Mayor of Seaford.   

The Chains of office were handed over by outgoing Mayor Councillor Linda Wallraven who has held the position for the past two years with great distinction.

Councillor Adil said “I feel honoured to be elected by my fellow councillors as the new Mayor of this historic town of Seaford. It is such a special place. I’d like to thank each and every member of the community who voted in the local elections and all those who put their trust in me and the other recently elected councillors who now form the new Seaford Town Council. I feel proud that your representatives have the confidence in my ability to fulfil the important role of mayor. I look forward to working hard and enthusiastically with them all, to consolidate on past successes and to achieve our vision of what needs to change for the good of our much-loved town.

I would also like to thank Councillor Linda Wallraven, the past mayor, for her long and dedicated service to the town over many years, and the significant contribution she has made to the community through her work and her charities. She is, and remains, a great asset to the town. Thank you again Councillor Wallraven. 

Councillor Adil brings a wealth of experience to the position, including a degree and Master’s degree in Law. Having worked for more than six years for a human rights Non-Government Organisation in many areas providing advocacy and counselling services for the underprivileged and the victims of crime. Stating “I am a people person and love helping others, empathising with and empowering those I meet in the best possible way.”

Councillor Adil has been living in Seaford with her family since 2012 and is currently the manager at Moon of India, the first ever Indian curry house in Seahaven established since 1978!  

Councillor Adil went on to say “Because of the warmth, acceptance and opportunities that we have been offered by this friendly community, we feel really at home here, almost locals! This positive feeling led to my decision to put myself forward to serve as a Councillor and now I accept, with great pleasure and pride, the leading role offered to me as Mayor of Seaford, now my home town!”

“As the Mayor of Seaford I now have the responsibility and great opportunity to serve our town and help to safeguard our unique and beautiful position enclosed as we are by the green of the downs and the blue of the sea. We can continue to promote Seaford Bay and the surrounding nature reserves to attract more visitors, both natural and human!  I also want to support the Town Council, in partnership with others,  to renovate the play grounds in the town, promote sports and help local charities to generate funds to beautify the town and support our residents. I want to strengthen relationships with all local stakeholders so that we can work together for the benefit of the town and local community.

I know that I will need the help of all of my fellow councillors to achieve this and can count on them sharing their skills, experience and areas of expertise.  But also I would like to say to all the lovely people of Seaford, Let’s work together! We can cooperate to change, preserve and protect our community”

My chosen charity for the term of office will be announced soon. And I hope everyone will fully support it. By coming together, we can all make a positive difference to the lives in our town. Together we can organise colourful, entertaining and educational events for us all to enjoy whilst generating funds for different local projects. We already have popular local groups who are doing just that. Others work quietly and diligently in the background. Respect to you all.  Each one of us can make a difference.

My slogan is ‘Together we can; together we will!”.