With all the hype about the new biopic it’s almost like we have forgotten that Elton John is still touring.

His farewell tour will take in five continents and having taken a break to appear at the Cannes Film Festival at the Premiere with Taron Egerton who plays the lead role, Elton is back on the road.

For his only date in England he has chosen one of his favourite venues, the Central Cricket Ground in Hove and will appear on Sunday 9th June 2019 with the concert starting at 4.00pm although Elton will be on after the support act.

It is rumoured that Elton will want to put on a real show and could go on for three hours!

The venue in Eaton Road, Hove is a sell out but tickets are available as resales on the usual sites.

Will it really be the last tour- no one really knows but maybe don’t take a chance!