Council leader condemns thieves who stole lifesaving equipment

Thieves who removed a life ring have been branded ‘selfish idiots’ by the Leader of Lewes District Council.

Councillor Isabelle Linington was commenting following an inspection by council officers of lifesaving equipment on the River Ouse.

Councillor Linington said:

“It is difficult to comprehend what would possess anyone to endanger the lives of other members of the public.

“Putting it kindly, the person or persons responsible are selfish idiots and I’m now hoping we can identify them and pursue a successful prosecution.”

Any members of the public who have information about the removal of this life ring should contact  01273 471600.  The life ring was taken from an area between Willeys Bridge and Phoenix Causeway in Lewes.

The Ouse is a fast flowing tidal river with steep and slippery banks and the water is cold, regardless of higher air temperatures at this time of the year.

Councillor Linington added:

“We have a number of life belts next to rivers, pools and along the coast and each one could save someone’s life. 

“When you consider that nearly 600 people drowned in the UK last year, it is essential that this lifesaving equipment is in place when it is most needed.”