Is your outdoor property safe?

Following recent reports of break ins to sheds and outbuildings across rural areas of Sussex; whereby suspects are targeting tools and electrical machinery, Prevention Officers and Staff have been out raising awareness and offering valuable crime prevention advice and tools, to help keep your property safe.

Improve the security of your outbuildings by taking the following steps:

-Fix laminate film, steel mesh or bars to the inside of outbuilding windows.
-Fit concealed hinges to prevent criminals from unwinding screw or bolts.
-Check that fittings are bolted through the door and reinforced at the back with a steel plate or washer
-Consider installing an alarm-either a battery operated alarm or upgraded house alarm which includes your shed or garage.
-Add an extra layer or security with CCTV. Cameras nowadays can be bought fairly cheaply and can even be monitored remotely using your mobile phone.

LOCK it, HIDE it, MARK it…

It is important to use locks at all times, even if you are at home. Fit good quality locks to all doors on outbuildings, ensuring any screws are well concealed. Padlocks should be at least 6cm/2.5inches wide, or hardened steel, have at least 5 pins and a ‘closed shackle’ type. This reduces the risk of them being forced. Try to ensure you also fit British Standard approved locks.

Don’t give criminals the opportunity or the tools to commit a crime:

-Secure all items that could be easily removed, or even used to break into your house.
-Cover up any expensive tools or goods within your locked outside buildings.
-Property marking your valuable items is also advisable, some tools can be painted/marked with your name and postcode; in the vent they are stolen this will increase the chances of the items being reunited.
-Advertise the fact that your property is marked, and take photos of each item. In the event of any theft, these photographs can be circulated.
-Some items can be registered on the Immobilise website for free. Immobilise helps the Police to identify the owners of recovered items. Find out more at