Update on last weekend’s activities

Friday’s Blitz consisted of PC Goudie and PCSOs Marchant, Nicholson, Horscroft and Disney.

The team started off by carrying out some bail checks in Landport, with PC Goudie checking in with a family there, whilst the remainder of the team spilt to check out the park and touch base with the owners of Landport shop. Following both areas being subject to recent youth related ASB.

All appeared in order at Landport Rec and shop which have been regularly monitored throughout the week for ASB.

Setting off from Lewes, the Blitz officers headed to the coast to complete more bail checks, and some of the officers check in on youngsters at The Foyer in Newhaven. 

At around 2000hrs Blitz dropped in at Downs Leisure Centre in Seaford and talked to the staff there, offering reassurance and advice following youth related ASB in and around the town, also passing on the Blitz contact number, should there be any issues in the evening.

A call came in for the team to attend Barn Rise in Seaford, following a report that youths had been creating some trouble there, which could have ended with a potential fire hazard. Fortunately all was in order on arrival, nevertheless officers stuck around Seaford and took the opportunity to visit the seafront after criminal damage to some of the businesses was caused a few weeks back.

After some refreshments, a further call was received on the Blitz phone regarding a disturbance on Ringmer Village Green involving youths with a noise issue. 

The team headed up from the coast, however there was no trace of the group, officers gave patrol to hot spot areas in Ringmer including the skate park. Officers met and spoke to groups out enjoying the late evening sunshine, and passed on Blitz contact details to passers-by.

The team gave Ringmer one last patrol before heading back to Lewes, to check out the park behind Tesco and finished up back at Landport around 11pm where they gave one last patrol to the areas previously visited until the end of their duty.

Saturday night’s Operation Blitz was carried out by Lewes Prevention B Section, with officers PS Reynolds, PC Holt, PC Hall, PCSO Collins and PCSO Willson heading out across the Lewes district, targeting and responding to areas of anti-social behaviour (ASB) and youth related ASB.

Blitz patrol started early this weekend, with the Blitz Prevention team helping out Response in tracing two men who had been making threats in Peacehaven and causing a nuisance. The team headed to Peacehaven and located the two males, owing to the grounds for concern, searches took place, and Officers recovered a cannabis grinder and a knife on their person. As a result the two men were detained and arrested by response colleagues, freeing up the Blitz team to continue their Seahaven patrols.

From Peacehaven Blitz then moved to Newhaven for a few laps of the town and talking to teens at the new Pump track following reports during the week or groups of young adults causing a nuisance to track users. Officers are pleased to report there was no issues during their patrols around the skate park.

Blitz then headed over to McDonalds to reports of someone carelessly riding their bike around the car park. After some friendly advice about how the team would rather not see him turned into a pancake by one of the cars, he was directed in the direction of the Pump track.

Whilst there a member of the public said that a group of youths had just thrown rubbish through the sunroof of their car. A check inside the local shops around The Hub was conducted, unfortunately the group could not be traced.

The patrol moved to Seaford where patrols took place around Crouch gardens following reports of youths smoking cannabis in the gardens and causing a nuisance. The team stuck around speaking to local residents and families enjoying the late evening sunshine, and are pleased to report there were no reports of cannabis smoking during the evening.

On the way out of Seaford the team picked up the smell of cannabis coming from three lads on the seafront. They were promptly searched and a small amount of cannabis was found. The group were spoken to and dealt with by officers and as a result taken home to face their parents.