Update on last weekend’s Operation Blitz activity

Saturday evening saw Sergeant Reynolds, PCSO Collins, PCSO Turvey and PCSO Willson head out for Op Blitz, this evening targeting problem areas across our costal towns.

The team got to the coast and stopped at Mcdonalds and KFC in Newhaven which are usually hot spot areas for youth related ASB, the managers were all checked in with and contact details passed for the team should there be anything of concern ASB wise during the course of the evening.

From McDonalds the team moved on to Shakespeare Hall by the Pump track, where there had previously been reports of older teens causing younger track users unwanted distress. The team spoke to a couple of groups who were out in the park all of who were fine and just out enjoying time on their bikes.

The team spoke to them about a possible bike marking registration event they are looking to set up and explained how registering and marking their bikes would be beneficial should anything happen to them, some of which had already marked their bikes which was great to see. Details of this upcoming event will be sent out via social media and In The Know in due course.

Moving on Blitz visited the Meridian Centre in Peacehaven which has history of problems youths and then onto the big park which has had issues with vehicle damage over the last week. Concerns from residents were noted and they were pleased to see the team taking a proactive approach to dealing with their concerns.

At around 22:30 the Blitz phone rang and the team were tasked to head Newick to look for a group of kids playing loud music at King George V playing fields.

Generally noise issues are something that needs reporting to the local councils and is not something the team would normally respond to, on this occasion though the caller had said not only were they playing loud music, but they had also witnessed underage drinking and causing issues to others in the playing fields.

Upon arrival the team noticed a handful of youngsters in the park but could not hear the music. The group were asked about the complaint however did not have any musical equipment or alcohol on them and said that there was a group that had left before we arrived. With no alcohol or ASB to log, the team were satisfied they were not the group they had been looking for and continued on their way.

The shift concluded with the team making their way back along the coast, stopping in Seaford again in Newhaven to conduct bail checks and pick up where the left off prior to heading to Newick.

Officers were pleased to report no issues along the coast this evening.