Why one Sussex woman can’t get enough of volunteering for the NSPCC’s Schools Service ·

  • The NSPCC is searching for people in Sussex to help deliver the Speak out Stay Safe programme, helping a generation of children stay safe from abuse.
  • One volunteer says her role gives her a great sense of pride and satisfaction

Children in Sussex need more volunteers to help educate them about abuse.

The NSPCC is searching for people in Sussex to help deliver the Speak out Stay Safe programme.

Speak out Stay Safe programme is a series of specially tailored assemblies and workshops that helps pupils aged 4 -11 years to:

•        Understand abuse in all its forms and recognise the signs of abuse

•        Know how to protect themselves from all forms of abuse including sexual abuse

•        Know how to get help, and the sources of help available to them, including our Childline service.

Current volunteers say delivering assemblies for NSPCC Speak out Stay safe programme is a ‘marvellous’ experience that can be tailored to your abilities and availability.

Throughout the 2018/19 academic year across Sussex NSPCC have spoken to children in more than 100 schools to deliver our Schools Service programme, teaching children how to keep themselves safe.

To ensure continuity to deliver this vital service in 2019/20 more volunteers are needed to take this important message to schools across the county.

Claire Smith, 56, from Brighton, has been volunteering in Sussex for two years and says she can’t get enough of it.

She said: “I did my training around two years ago in August and then started going into schools in September. I’ve loved it. I just observed at first but I found the quicker I immersed myself and gave it a go the quicker I got better.

“Each term I probably do around 10 to 15 sessions. It averages out at about once a week but sometimes I do none and sometimes I do two, you are in the driver’s seat! An attractive part of the role is that you don’t do it in the school holidays. I quite like a change in pace.

“Because I have got grown up children I miss that interaction with young children now. I love to see them look so happy and confident in themselves at the end of the sessions and you can tell they have really taken on board the messages you have given them. When they say it was the best assembly ever it makes you feel so happy inside. I think they feel upbeat at the end and will walk out with a spring in their step.

“I think it’s a bit like doing a performance, I like being a bit lively and playing a role. It does feel like a bit of a professional volunteering role because you go with a specific job, and you are responsible for being the face of the NSPCC.”

Although some volunteers have previously worked in education, Claire, a former project manager in IT and Business, says there is no need to have worked in schools previously.

She added: “You do feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction when you leave a job well done, it makes you feel like you’re doing something really important. When you do a workshop with year 5 and 6 and you ask them to imagine what a child might feel in certain situations it’s like a light suddenly goes on behind their faces. They come out with some very insightful feelings and you know they have really understood what the point of the exercise is.”

By delivering our programme to at least two schools a month, you’ll be making a massive difference, helping us fight for every childhood in your local school’s community. 

You’ll need to be the kind of person who:

  • believes in the empowerment and protection of all children
  • has the confidence to speak in front of a group of primary school children
  • can communicate and engage with children
  • has basic IT skills and regular access to email.

You’ll need to be available for:

  • a comprehensive induction process including online learning, face-to-face training and home study
  • a minimum of 2 school visits a month.

To apply search online for NSPCC Schools Service volunteers, reference number ESVSLFB1, or follow this link: https://join-us.nspcc.org.uk/volunteers/vacancy/nspcc-schools-service-volunteer-sussex/2308/description/?fbclid=IwAR0pdmivPiN7pxr2DnD_LiKEncNY4GVUze5pEGeS2Iz8K-PoZJtReSBUgcw

Alternatively ring 0121 227 7577.

The deadline is August 26th and applicants must be able to attend an interview on September 4th and training on both October 23rd and 24th at Sussex FA Football Ground in Lancing.