On this day August 14th

1967 (52 Years ago) UK Marine Broadcasting Offences Act declares participation in offshore pirate radio illegal.

Of the four remaining stations Radio Scotland from the former lightship L.V. Comet and Wonderful Radio London which came from the MV Galaxy, closed down that day. Radio Caroline North from the Fredericia and Radio Caroline South from the MV Mi Amigo made attempts to continue, which they did until 3rd March 1968.

Other stations, Swinging Radio England, Essex Radio and Radio City had already closed down.

But it made the BBC realise that the audience was out there for twenty four hour music and so was born Radio One with Tony Blackburn carrying on where he had left off.

And since then Radio has just got better and better and allows small radio stations like Seahavenfm to have a place in the community.

So do keep listening.