Update On Significant Planned Road Works On The M23 and M20

M23 plans for September

The contractors, Kier, have had a lot of comments regarding signage on the M23, both static signage through the works area and on the diversion route. They understand that signage can be a problem and sometimes when travelling at 50 mph this can be missed or misinterpreted, and junctions missed.

They have done some extensive work around signage over the past month and have asked their traffic management company to redesign both the static signage and diversion route signage, to make it easier for customers.

The northbound signage leading up to junction 9, Gatwick Airport, now states the word ‘Gatwick’ as well as a plane symbol, and the diversion route signage has had the symbols replaced with wording. Hopefully when the next closure takes place in September you will see a difference and your journey will be easier to follow.

M23 closures coming up

In September, Kier will be moving from working in the verge area to the central reservation. They will be undertaking full and partial closures to facilitate this.

They will be keeping you informed via a weekly update, which Kier issue every Friday, so that you will be able to plan your journeys, taking into account when the M23 will be closed and the diversion route is in place.

This operation is likely to be throughout September and into October. Extensive consultation has been undertaken with Gatwick Airport and other stakeholders to cause as little disruption to residents and customers as possible.