For more than a year now, young people in the UK and beyond have been striking every Friday to demand decisive action on climate change.  Tomorrow, millions of adults will join the youth movement in a global climate strike to amplify their critical message: this is a climate emergency, and we must act accordingly.

We’re already feeling the impacts of climate change here in the UK and our natural world is in a critical condition.  Despite the Government declaring a Climate Emergency in May this year, our existing laws are still too weak and the ecological crisis we face is not being taken seriously enough. Without urgent and meaningful change to ‘business as usual’ we will see catastrophic climate breakdown within our lifetimes. 

For these reasons, Sussex Wildlife Trust fully supports the youth movement and people across Sussex who will be demonstrating their concerns tomorrow.  Our staff will not be on strike but will continue their work to help tackle this climate and ecological emergency by protecting the wildlife and natural environment across Sussex.  The challenges are huge but there’s still time to create a thriving and sustainable future if world leaders accelerate action now.  Beyond drastically cutting our carbon emissions it’s vital that we restore the natural environment at a landscape scale so that our reedbeds, meadows and woodlands and of course our seas can lock away carbon, reduce the impacts of climate change and give wildlife the space it needs to recover and thrive. 

To make sure this happens, we are calling for a new Environment Act to put nature’s recovery at the heart of public policy and law across Britain.  To add your voice to our Wilder Future campaign, visit – where you’ll also find a range of positive, peaceful and practical ways you can contribute to our planet’s future at this crucial time.