Seaford Residents will be happy to hear that Seaford Town Council has been pressing Southern Water to investigate an ongoing problem with flooding at Martello Fields.  

Flooding has been an ongoing problem in this area for some time, but along with the help of Seaford residents getting in touch with the Town Council, sending in photos and reports, Seaford Town Council have pursued the matter together with the public to get the problem solved.

Inspector and Health and Safety Officer for Seaford Town Council, Bob Offen has been liaising with Southern Water to resolve the problem.  

It appears the problem was caused by an increased flow through the Brooklyn Road Wastewater Pumping Station (WPS), which resulted in the network becoming overwhelmed due to the extremely heavy rain intensity. This caused the flooding in Brooklyn Road, along with other areas further along the network, such as the Martello Field.   Now that we know what has been causing the flooding, the water company can take action to prevent future floods.

A spokesperson from Southern Water said:

“I confirm we have made the necessary alternations to the Wastewater Pumping Station’s control panel, to ensure that our pumps continue to run when flow levels are high. This means the WPS will be able to cope with the wet weather and prevent future incidents. Further to this, we are currently completing an upgrade project on the Brooklyn Road Wastewater Pumping Station, which we also hope will reduce the risk of further incidents.”

Seaford Town Council would like to thank all the residents who took the time to report the flooding and sent in pictures.  With your assistance, we were able to build a case for Southern Water to investigate and hopefully prevent this happening in the future.