Update on last weekend’s Operation Blitz activity

This weekend’s Operation Blitz (Friday) was conducted by PC Hall, and PCSO Collins and Willson, whilst police multi-agency patrols continued to work their way across the coast following recent concerns from Seahaven residents in relation to youth ASB and youth related crime and disorder.

The Lewes team started around 1745, with a call at 1755 to groups of youths letting off bangers and fireworks in the town centre.

Officers headed over in the van and conducted a foot patrol of the area, 3 young males were seen and detained for a search following the call and information received. A search was conducted on the youths, but no bangers or fireworks were found.

A further call came in on the radio to a young male with a knife in the town centre, officers were quickly tasked to re-attend the area. This was around the same area as the group from earlier who had already been stopped and searched, a full area search for the male described was conducted around the area but no one matching the description given were found.

After leaving the town centre, officers continued on their patrols heading up through Cliffe high street towards Mountfield Road, following previous calls in recent months to groups of young adults causing damage and causing a nuisance in both areas. At the time of their checks around 1900 hours; other than a few passers-by and people out walking their dog, no groups were witnessed. Passers-by and residents were given Blitz contact details should they witness any ASB or youth related disorder during the course of the evening.

Officers are pleased to report there were no calls to either areas during the Blitz shifts this Friday.

The team had bail checks on known youths to conduct, all of which were in order, so officers headed up to Malling Skate Park and Tesco car park, where recently there have been groups of youths congregating and causing a nuisance to shoppers and staff.

Fortunately this evening all was quiet and staff and security had not been made aware of any youths causing issues this evening.

The team left Lewes for Ringmer around 2100 (later than planned owing to earlier incidents) and stationed up at the Anchor Field Skate Park where patrols were conducted – extra attention was given around the park and surrounding streets following recent concerns from residents, fortunately this evening no groups were noted and officers had no calls from residents on the Blitz phone.

From the park, the team continued along Broyle Lane and Lewes Road checking business address and commercial buildings owing to reports on other districts of criminal damage and theft by youths around industrial estates and commercial buildings. Everything was clear and officers gave one last patrol of the park area before heading back into Lewes.

A return trip around 2245 was conducted at Lewes Railway Land and the college area, all was quiet so officers took another opportunity to take patrols over to Landport and checked out the park area and surrounding streets, a few residents came out to greet officers, details of their concerns were taken and will help to build patrols this coming week and taskings for operation Blitz next week.

The team headed back to Lewes Police Station just before midnight to complete paperwork from their earlier stop and searches and to log off for the evening.