£1BN a year could be untapped through charitable micro-donations

  1. If every UK card holder gave just 35p a week via Pennies, £1bn in new untapped income could be raised for UK charities each year
  2. Over half of people are happier to give now-and-then in small donations rather than regular donations (56%)
  3. Almost three quarters (74%) believe businesses have a responsibility to do ‘social good’

2019 has been a turbulent year for politics and economics across the globe. However, amidst economic uncertainty people are keener than ever to make a positive difference – and to see businesses doing the same.

New research from Pennies reveals how the British shopper is more than happy to add an extra donation to their purchase if they feel confident their donation will make an impact.

In fact, over half (52%) said they would give to charity if they were offered the chance to do so by card, with smaller sums being preferred to bigger gestures (56%). Actually, smaller donations may well be the key, with each UK card holder having the potential to join a growing community of digital givers.

This collective force could contribute to a £1bn a year opportunity for charity – by giving just 35p a week – not much more than the price of a Freddo chocolate bar.

And changing trends in how we pay for goods reveal a ripe opportunity. The BRC’s recent Payments Survey 2019 shows that cash payments have dropped to third place behind debit and credit card spending, and that debit cards remain the most popular method of payment, accounting for almost three-in-five transactions. 

The modern day consumer is also increasing the pressure on retailers, as more people turn away from unsustainable and perceived “unethical” business practices. Almost a staggering three quarters (74%) believe businesses have a responsibility to do ‘social good’ such as contribute to their local communities. A third (35%) admit to abandoning businesses they feel aren’t doing so.

Therefore, as we continue to move toward ethically driven consumers, and with new innovative payment methods making it easier than ever to donate, Pennies becomes the answer to the much asked question, ‘what can I do to make the world a better place?’ Indeed, someone now makes a donation via Pennies every 1.6 seconds.

Joining us to talk about the research and how this digital age can allow for more charitable ways of giving, is CEO of Pennies Alison Hutchinson CBE. Helen Dickinson CEO of the British Retail Consortium is providing a pre-record on the implications of the Payments Survey results, and how retailers might respond to the growth in consumers seeking ways to use retail to “give back”.