Newhaven lifeboat station celebrated the 20th anniversary of its ‘remarkable boat’

A ceremony was held at 3.00pm on Sunday 27th October to celebrate twenty years since the Lifeboat first arrived on October 27th 1999.

It has been launched 743 times enabling the crew to help 893 people and save 37 lives, even assisting in the Eastbourne pier fire in 2014.

Newhaven coxswain Lewis Arnold said: “Newhaven Lifeboat is an incredibly capable vessel and much loved by her crew, who put their trust in her every time they go to sea.

“She is able to operate in almost any weather condition, day and night, and has been tested to her limits many times whilst going to the assistance of others.

“We’re proud to be celebrating the 20th birthday of this remarkable boat, and are sure she will be saving lives for many years to come.”

Worth every bit of the £ 1.8 million price tag.