Update on last weekend’s Operation Blitz activity

This weekend’s Operation Blitz was conducted by PCSOs Willson, Ash and Collins.

The team headed out across the district shortly after 4 pm, owing to the recent changes in Blitz patrols, winter times, and your feedback; operation Blitz will now run from 1600-2200 each Friday and Saturday for the duration of the winter months.

Owing to the afternoons downpours the team headed out in the van with their first stop being Newhaven and Seaford, following a few reports in the week of groups causing a nuisance in the Newhaven Skate Park and Seaford Crouch gardens.

The team took to foot to give both areas a good going over, nothing of note was seen or witnessed by the trio, likely owing to the rain. The team took to opportunity to further extend their week day patrols to residential areas handing out trick or treat posters to community groups and residents in areas of known youth related ASB.

If you haven’t already got one, you can print up a welcome, or not welcome poser to display in your window this week here, at the bottom of the webpage there are two files, one being the welcome and one being the not welcome posters.

After heading along the seafront, the team headed to Lewes. Patrols of Malling field, and the area behind Tesco were given, with only a number of young adults out and about, all of which were in good spirits despite the on and off rain and were not causing any issues.

The team gave contact details to the security staff at the Tesco supermarket following groups of youths causing issues in the store last weekend, and the team took the opportunity to collect CCTV footage to help identify the group.

Whilst patrolling through the town centre of Lewes a text came through on the mobile phone, to an issue in Crouch Lane and Steyne Road, Seaford, regrettably owing to poor signal the text was almost 45 minutes old.

A quick check of current jobs on the radio did not reveal any further calls or reports for the area, however officers headed back along the coast in the vent any further calls were received.

Owing to the patrols the team take, often to rural or areas of poor signal text messages often come through late, if you have the need to use the Blitz mobile over the course of Operation Blitz, please only call so that the team can respond as soon as the call comes in, thank you.

Whilst back along the coast the team gave Newhaven and Seaford, paying attention to areas in Seaford which have seen an increase of youth related ASB and disorder in the last few weeks, including areas around the school, town centre, Morrison and Seaford Library and leisure centre.

A few youngsters were seen hanging around but not giving officers cause for concern, the team hung about in Seaford visiting further areas of known ASB, checking in on the Salts Rec Grounds, and Walmer Road Rec,  until the latter part of their shift before returning to Lewes to visit Ringmer and surrounding villages.

Likely owing to the rain there was not a lot of activity this during the Blitz shift Friday night, which gave the team time to conduct bail checks on known youths, all of who were in and adhering to their conditions.

Saturday began with visits to the Newhaven business estate around the car park of McDonalds and surrounding area was given extra attention following a call to a group of youths causing a disturbance outside the McDonalds around 1630 – a few known youths were found in the area and given words of advice to leave the area or risk further action.
After which the team continued to stay in the area following reports earlier in the week of groups throwing stones and items into the road by the Newhaven swing bridge. No such groups were seen out this evening. The team headed into Saxon House to briefly dry off before heading back out to the Pump Track area and surrounding roads owing to a visible group of teens hanging about. Most were braving the weather and continuing to use the park in an appropriate manner, whilst a couple of others were asked to leave.

An additional operation Blitz will take place this Thursday the 31st October, with it being Halloween Police expect to see an increase of teens/groups heading out trick or treating.