Operation Blitz, Halloween number and timings.

With Halloween, often comes additional groups of youngsters out and about in the town, most out trick or treating, unfortunately each year some take to other activities.

The help prevent an increase in anti-social behaviour this evening, an additional Operation blitz patrol will be in place on from 1600-2200, where residents across the district can expect to see an increased in Police presence, as well as being able to contact an officer on the ground by calling 07989 188960 should you witness any ASB or youth related disorder between the times above.

Operation Blitz will also continue to run as usual on Friday and Saturday evening from 1600-2200.

To further assist in preventing unwanted visitors, you can print and display the ‘no trick or treaters’ poster, these can be picked up from your local Police station/contact point, or printed for free online here

If you are looking to take part the poster for ‘Trick or treaters Welcome’ can also be found on our website or at local Police contact points and stations.

Remember not everyone enjoys Halloween, for those going out please spare a thought for those who may feel anxious with strangers knocking on their door.

Have fun, stay safe, and only go to homes who are clearly welcoming trick or treaters, if you see someone displaying a no trick or treat poster, please do not call at those homes as people do not wish to be disturbed.