A Memorial Service will take place at the War Memorial in Sutton Road Seaford on Sunday 10th November.

Representatives from all walks of life will attend and lay wreaths in memory of those who bravely died for our country.

All are invited to attend.

There will also be a service in Newhaven at St. Michaels Church starting at 9.30 am. A parade follows which will form in Niell’s Close at around 10.30 which will then march down to the Memorial Green in South Way for the two minutes silence at 11.00am. Wreath laying will follow.

Following this the Parade will march from the Green to the Churh where a service will remember the 29 sailors who lost their lives in November 1917when their ship sank when transporting supplies and ammunition from Newhaven to the troops in the trenches.

The service is from 12.00- 12.30.

Again, all are invited to attend