Successful Bonfire night in Lewes

Following months of planning by police and other emergency services, Lewes Bonfire Night rounded up again this Tuesday for another year.

Emergency services, local authorities and transport operators worked extremely closely with bonfire societies and local communities over the past 12 months in preparation for the annual celebrations, including issuing repeated, advanced notice of road, rail and parking restrictions, so that people could plan ahead for this one night of the year; it is estimated at its peak approximately 25,000 people were in attendance, giving both bonfire societies and emergency services thousands of people to entertain and keep safe.

Whilst Lewes Bonfire Night is a long-standing tradition, it can be dangerous and unsuitable for some people, especially children,  by the end of the night, approximately 55 people were recorded as being treated by South East Coast Ambulance Service and St John Ambulance for injuries, the vast majority of which were relatively minor, with Police making a total of 9 arrests in the town for offences such as drunk and disorderly, assault and drugs.

Hopefully everyone had a safe and enjoyable evening, despite there being a few light showers across the evening.