Blitz last weekend was conducted by PC Ross, PC Goudie, PCSO Brown and PCSO Nicholson.

It was a fairly busy evening which started with a call from Clarkes at around 5pm, a local shop assistant called with reports of a large group of youths acting anti socially in East Gate Street car park.

PC Ross and PC Goudie responded to the call and engaged with the youths, words of advice were given and no further calls were received for the group.

Officers then continued on to a patrol of the rural areas of the district, nothing was seen and no reports were made.

Officers then received a call from security at the Meridian Centre in Peacehaven at 8pm that there was a group of youths acting very aggressively towards staff, smoking cannabis and one youth had stolen alcohol.

They made their way and after an area search found the youths who were indeed smoking cannabis.

PC Ross carried out a stop and search and drugs were seized. PCSO Brown assisted PC Ross by engaging with the other youths and giving words of advice.

Officers were asked to assist another officer who had a volatile young person in their custody, they assisted with transport of this young person to Eastbourne Custody.