10M UK Lives at Risk As Superbugs Threat Grows

  • 99% of Brits are not aware of AMR’s full impact and only 11% see it as a serious threat to society
  • Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) contributes to more than 700,000 deaths each year
  • Estimated 10 million lives a year could be put at risk because of the rise of drug-resistant infections by 2050

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) should be taken more seriously, yet more than 99% of the population are not fully aware of its impact.

Superbugs, bacteria which develop resistance, already cause more than 700,000 deaths every year and the figure could rise to 10 million by 2050.

But, only 11% of Britons view AMR as a serious threat to society, ranking it below climate change (50%), religious conflicts (27%), and unemployment (23%), according to new research from Pfizer UK. 

Antibiotic resistance occurs naturally, however misuse of antibiotics in humans and animals is accelerating the process. Our misuse includes using these drugs for things like coughs and colds, common viral infections in which they have no effect. 

It’s not an easy issue to resolve, with a cultural shift as to how we view and use antibiotics required.

World Antibiotics Week, launching today, aims to increase awareness of global antibiotic resistance and encourage best practices among the general public. These include: 

  • Keeping yourself clean and healthy
  • Always follow the instructions you are given by your doctor when taking antibiotics.
  • Keep vaccinations up to date for you and your family
  • Spread the word – To win the fight everyone needs to take action.