Action Fraud scam watch

Did you know scams cost the UK economy £5-£10 Billion a year, with over 50% of people over 65 having already been targeted by scams; and only 5% of all scams reported?

This week’s scam and fraud warnings from Action Fraud:

HMRC tax refund scam

Students and those working within academic areas are being warned of a new HMRC tax refund scam being sent directly to their email address.

Are you are student, teacher or academic professional? Received a tax refund email to your email address? Please be advised, HMRC will never tell you about tax refunds by sending you a link or website.

The safest way to claim tax refunds is to log into your personal tax account here.

Courier fraud in 2019

In 2019 more than 1900 reports of courier fraud was received by Action Fraud.

Criminals typically carry out courier fraud by cold calling the victim, purporting to be a police officer or bank official to gain their trust. The fraudsters will then claim there’s an issue with the victim’s bank account or request their assistance with an ongoing bank or police investigation.

The ultimate aim of this call is to trick them into handing over money or their bank details. 
Beat the fraudsters with the latest 2020 advice from Action fraud here.

Action Fraud’s top ten tips

Although fraud and cybercrime comes in many forms, there are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself.
Follow Action Frauds’ personal safety checklist to keep you and those around you safe from fraud here.