Advice to rural residents and farm buiness owners

PCSOs Willson, and Stainer continued their patrols across rural Northern villages on the Lewes district this week, following burglaries around farms, and rural businesses. With PCSOs visiting rural farm business offering crime prevention advice and support, as well as looking into any lines of enquiry.

As well as securely locking away valuable items, the advice Officers have is; “if you have high value farming tools, or vehicles, please consider marking them, you can use UV property marking pens or paint, and once marked, register them with the property database Immobilise

“Registered or marked property has a significantly higher chance of being recovered by Police in the event of a burglary. Marking your property also makes it a lot less attractive to thieves, as well as making it more difficult for them to sell on”

Whilst high visibility patrols around affected areas continue, if you see anything suspicious around your property/business, or on your land report it to us online or to 101 (non emergency), and always remember if something is happening there and then always call 999.