Proposed closure of Newhaven Marine Station

And we all thought it was already closed! As it has been for years over safety concerns.

Network Rail are proposing to formally close the station down which has almost been demolished.

A ghost train runs once a day in the evening in order to keep it as a working station.

Network Rail are asking residents to give their views on keeping the track open both to use as a siding but also for freight access to the port where a new freight handling depot is due to open.

The consultation will run until April19th.

Maria Caulfield MP for the area has been quoted as saying it is important for residents to take part in order to increase the capacity of the port and to move freight off the roads and onto the railway.

The previous MP for the area, Norman Baker has been noted to say that it is a joke and a waste of public money to have a consultation on a station that no longer exists.