Lewes District Council’s Scrutiny Committee will meet next week (February 6) to consider a recommendation not to progress with a new health hub development on the Downs Leisure Centre in Seaford.

A special panel was set up by Scrutiny Committee to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed development.  A majority of the councillors on the panel agreed that unless a number of conditions could be satisfied, the health hub proposal should not proceed at the Downs Leisure Centre.

Scrutiny Committee will make their recommendation to Cabinet as to whether or not the project should be progressed.

Councillor Nicholson said:

“I am grateful to the rigorous and detailed analysis undertaken by the scrutiny panel.  Whatever recommendation is reached by Scrutiny Committee when they meet next week, it will be considered by Cabinet and a final decision made at our meeting in March.

“As I have already stated, I know there is genuine concern in Seaford about the original proposals for development on the Downs Leisure Centre site, particularly because of the loss of highly valued green space and its impact on the town centre.   

“We are meeting with the GPs, Clinical Commissioning Group and other health service decision makers following the Scrutiny Committee decision. 

“Whatever the respective differences, we must together find a solution that will deliver high quality primary care services in Seaford within surgeries that are fit for purpose.”

A brief explanation of a Scrutiny committee for those who may not know the exact role follows:-

Scrutiny committees are assisted by council employees (officers), often called “scrutiny officers”. These officers are generally tasked with providing policy and research support to councillors.