Tree fee is ‘trunk-ated’ to boost sponsorship numbers

Lewes District Council has announced a discount of almost 70% to the cost of sponsoring a tree in a public place this February and March.

The massive price reduction is aimed at driving up the number of people taking up on the district-wide scheme before the planting season ends on April 1. It now costs £100 plus VAT for a sapling of between 3 and 3.5 metres.

Councillor Julie Carr, Cabinet member for Recycling, Waste and Open Spaces, said: “Planting a tree not only improves the look of our environment, it provides a whole host of ecological, environmental and bio-diversity benefits. 

“It’s a great way to help offset carbon emissions too and is just one way you can contribute towards our goal of the district becoming carbon neutral by 2030.”

Anyone interested should contact the council to receive a list of native species to choose from, and options for three potential planting sites nearest your home.