Seaford Community Cinema

Hopefully you may have enjoyed some of the previous screenings.

A charming documentary about a young Californian couple who buy a tract of land on a hill where nothing grows any more and learn to work in harmony with nature to create a bio-diverse farm that returns sustenance to the soil. The environmental message is helped along by their cute cast of animals. This week the featured film is The Biggest Little Farm directed and starring John Chester. Classification PG and running time 91 minutes.

The screening is on Friday 13th March 2020 at 7.30 pm. at the Seaford Cinema at The Barn Theatre in Sutton Road, Seaford.

Ticket prices (Online, Door and Tourist Office)

MEMBER (over 18) £5.00*
NON-MEMBER (over 18) £6.00*
18 and under £3.50*

On line tickets are on the Seahaven FM website on the featured Community Cinema section.