Official school closure notification: Wednesday 18 March 2020 – Peacehaven Community School

This is an official school closure notification.

School: Peacehaven Community School
Unique school code: 4000
Partly closed: Wednesday 18 March 2020
Reason: Emergency closure
Due to limited numbers of staff being able to attend the school the school is partially closing with Year 10 not attending. All other years groups can attend.

There are a number of staff away, however the numbers have increased for Wednesday which means that the school cannot safely staff the school for all students.

Regrettably the decision is to close to Year 10 students until Friday 20th March . This year group may be able to return from Monday 23rd March, assuming further government advice is not issued before then. Work will be set for students by ShowmyHomework.

For any queries regarding this notification, please contact CS Customer Relations: