Seaford Town Council’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Position Statement

The Town Council has been regularly monitoring the situation in regard toCoronavirus (COVID-19) both locally and nationally. In response to the Government’s most recent advice, the Town Council will be making significant changes to its functions as follows:

The View at Seaford Head

As of closing time Friday 20th March 2020, The View at Seaford Head will be closed to the public until 31st May (opening 1st June), unless Government guidance changes. Please note that the golf course will continue to be open and more information is within the relevant heading below.

Customers with event bookings during this period of closure will be contacted.

Seaford Head Golf Course

The Golf Professional and Greenkeeping team will be working hard to keep the Course open, unless Government guidance changes. Course users will be issued with guidance and local rules will be in place to ensure adherence to guidelines on social distancing, for both customers and staff. As stated above, there will be no refreshment facilities between 20th March 2020 and 1st June 2020.

Membership renewal letters will continue to be issued in the coming weeks.

Town Council Offices

The Town Council Offices will be closed to members of the public from 4pm Friday 20th March 2020 until Monday 1st June 2020, unless Government guidance changes.

Officers will be carrying out their normal duties from home and the telephones will be switched to ‘Out of Hours’. The ‘Out of Hours’ facility will take callers to the voicemail system which will be monitored throughout the day,with Officers equipped to return calls where necessary. The email account will also be monitored.

Town Council Meetings

All parish and town councils are awaiting guidance from Government in relation to changes in law surrounding meetings. It is anticipated that this will include advice regarding public participation at meetings and the postponing of statutory meetings.

Whilst the Town Council awaits this guidance it is putting in place measures to reduce risk to the public and staff, these include:

  • Cancelling meetings that do not require urgent attention.
  • Reducing the duration of meetings by deferring agenda items.
  • Reducing the number of staff and councillors in attendance with spread out seating.
  • Encouraging public queries on agenda items by email to the Town Council where an answer will be provided,removing the need for members of the public to attend meetings if they do not wish to.
  • Uploading video recordings of meetings to YouTube the next working day for the public to view.
  • Cleaning meeting facilities and shared spaces more frequently.

Town Council Projects

The Town Council has had to take the difficult decision to cease non-urgent projects immediately until further notice. Officers will be working hard to devise a project plan for when the Town Council is able to consider future project delivery.

Town Council Events and Events on Town Council Land

The Town Council has cancelledall upcoming events between 20th March 2020 and 1st June 2020. A decision was made by the Committee to cancel Veteran’s and Armed Forces Day which was due to take place Saturday 27th June 2020.

All other events due to take place between 20th March 2020 and 1st June 2020 via outside groups/organisations on Town Council land will be cancelled. This includes car boot sales.

West View Beach Huts

The Town Council has delayed the installation of the eight seasonal short-term rental beach huts until further notice.

Community Engagement

The Town Council will continue to communicate with the community via social media, the Town Council website, email and by telephone where necessary. In general, the Town Council will be following Government guidelines on limiting social contact.

The Town Council will help to share, where possible, information necessary or helpful to the community.

All at Seaford Town Council thank you for your patience and support during this time.