Coronavirus – We can help!

The CTLA want to reassure all of their members that they are doing everything they can to support you during this difficult time.

Wherever possible they are maintaining a normal service.

They are introducing some additions to the services that they can offer.

In recognising the need for their clients to protect themselves and government advice to self-isolate they will be offering to provide a shopping and vital food supplies delivery service (subject to the availability of and any restrictions placed on the sale of foods by Supermarkets).

They can also offer to collect and deliver their members prescriptions and medication. Please also contact their office 01273 517332 during opening hours if you would like to find out more about these or you think they may be able to help you, an elderly family member or one of your elderly or vulnerable neighbours.

Please also get in touch with the office if you would be willing to help out with this service as a volunteer.

They are also talking to local councils and other charities and not for profit community groups to see services for those who are fit and well and need to travel but we are also offering some special services to members who are self-isolating and having difficulty getting regular food and medicines whilst confined at home. Find out more about what they are offering for you at  Covid-19 and CTLA

Sadly the additional services that they are delivering do have a cost implication. Can you offer your support through volunteering some time to support the community efforts or by making a small donation to help them keep vital services running?

The Office number is 01273 517332 or e-mail