Police Emergency Response Volunteers

Surrey and Sussex Police are continuing to plan ahead during this period of dealing with Covid 19.

In particular They are looking at contingencies in case resources reduce or if they need additional specific skills and experience. As such they are creating a database of retired Police Officers, Specials and Police Staff, who may wish to return to policing for a temporary period, and members of the public who may have specific skills that would be of use.

 To register interest:

Click here to apply online

They will be in touch with you as they develop resourcing needs.

In the meantime they would be grateful if you could assist by acting as ambassadors by following, and encouraging others to follow the current Government advice to halt the spread of the virus.

They encourage you to sign up to ‘In the know’ https://www.intheknow.community/ for Surrey and Sussex Police where you will get tailored updates relating to policing activity.