Many people in Sussex stayed home to save lives – Easter weekend message

Despite the high temperatures last weekend, many people in Sussex followed government
advice to stay home, help protect the NHS and save lives.

Superintendent Graham Barnett said last week: “We were pleased to see that most of the public had listened to our appeals to stay home and avoid travelling to places where other people are gathering.

“We were disappointed to get reports of people who are still continuing to flout the life-saving advice being given out from the government and our partners during this devastating pandemic.

“These reports have largely been around people holding house and street parties, meeting up to exercise in groups and congregating at beauty hotspots and some beaches.

“Our officers were out all weekend, continuing our day-to-day policing, including patrolling public areas. We engaged, explained and encouraged people to do the right thing in following the government’s guidance and where necessary we have taken enforcement action against those who have not complied.

“The forecast for Easter weekend is that the warm weather is set to be with us for a few days but we urge the public to continue being strong and resilient and avoid the temptation to ignore our advice.

“Our priority remains staying at home, avoiding contact with others and stopping the spread of Covid-19. We thank everyone for their continued patience at this challenging time.”