Lewes District Citizens Advice Phone Line

The Lewes District Citizens Advice are seeing an increase of people needing their services because of the Covid19 lockdown. We are all finding ourselves in an unprecidented situations and the recommendation from Citizens Advice is to get in touch before the problem becomes overwhelming.

New phone line has been setup to deal with the increase in demand which is expected to grow for many months to come and probably well into 2021. Increased requests for help on Employment, Benefits, Debts, Housing and Domestic Violence have all been mounting in recent weeks.

If you need to contact the Lewes Citizens Advice call 01273 007 557. This is an answer phone, leave your message and contact details and you will get a response within 2 working days. This is available to anyone living in the area where you pay council tax to Lewes District Council.

If you are at risk of being a victim of Domesic Violence and need help urgently you should call 999 and if you are too frightened, or unable to speak for any reason you can press 55 when taken through a series of prompts, this will confirm you have a genuine emergency.

Remember the recomendation is to get in call as soon as you possibly can it will help to get the problem resolved more quickly.