From Turkish baths to swimming pools, train travel has revolutionised our architecture.

Wherever you travel in the country the railway is not far away — or at least its influence, from towering viaducts hidden among the nation’s greenery to elaborate passages and tunnels populated by fast-moving trains.

There is something magical about the majesty of the architecture of railway buildings and edifices associated with Sir George Stephenson’s greatest invention.

The railways revolutionised transportation in the 19th century and have fascinated many millions of enthusiasts the world over and are rightly celebrated.

However, sometimes railway stations and hotels along with other railway architecture are easily overlooked despite their grandeur.

Our major stations symbolise the significance of the area they serve with our biggest cities being home to some of the most splendid architecture there is.

In fact many important buildings have been constructed in their location because of the transport links afforded by the railway station. Whole cities have grown up as a result with swimming pools and Turkish baths among the amenities that can be found within easy reach.