Keep Your Online Social Life Secure

Has your child been having house parties, not the physical kind with broken vases and stained carpets but the online sort?

Apps that enable young people to socialise online have become a lifeline for keeping in touch with friends at this time.

But there have been increasing reports of zoom bombing in both Zoom and Houseparty apps where the call is hacked, sometimes with indecent images.

Where children of all ages are off school and wanting to catch up with their friends on their own phones, or using their mum’s or dad’s, it can pose a real risk.

So no matter whether your child is 5 or 15, here are a few tips:-

📱 Make sure your child only shares the meeting link with people they know.

📱It’s always smart to lock your front door, so lock the meeting room when you are in it.

📱Let your children know that if they are the host, they can turn off someone’s video at any time.

📱It’s a good idea to set random meeting IDs, to stop people crashing into your child’s virtual space.

📱Zoom have something called the Waiting Room which allows hosts to control who comes and goes.

Police deal with all reports of this nature incredibly seriously. So if your child reports anything like this, please tell them.