Victory in Europe Day – The day victory came home — marked by Lewes District Council’s champion

For Councillor Sharon Davy, Lewes District Council’s elected Armed Forces Champion, VE Day held a special memory and she was able to commemorate the fact that “it was 75 years ago that the people toasted the peace that had come to our shores”.

 As the Conservative member for Chailey, Barcombe and Hamsey ward explains: “I  volunteered to be the Armed Forces Champion in remembrance of my late father, Ralph Alexander, who served in the Royal Navy on HMS Campbell.

 “Atlantic and Arctic battles were particularly tough.  400,000 loved ones never came home; my father was one of around 3.8 million men who survived and returned from the Second World War. He died in his early eighties. 

 “It was a poignant moment on 30 April 2020 as he, like Colonel Tom, would have been 100. That’s why I have included this picture of my late father and the other young men serving on HMS Campbell: some doing the V for Victory and my father in the middle front with thumbs up.

 “Living in our current pandemic virus crisis, I, along with others, am in self-isolation; our world has turned upside down and sometimes we feel pessimistic.  But then, I give myself a sharp pinch as a reminder of how previous generations had to endure six years of war, and food rationing was in place until 1953: we are luckier than they.  It puts things into perspective — to echo Dame Vera Lynn and Her Majesty the Queen:  ‘we will meet again’.”


CAPTION: Cllr Sharon Davy is pictured in her garden remembering VE Day, with a photo of her late father and some of the crew of HMS Campbell.

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