Who will you be clapping for this Thursday?

With the now established eight pm clapping for the NHS and all their wonderful wok in this time of crisis, maybe our thoughts should turn to others who are helping us through.

Martin Warner our Bishop of Chichester offers some ideas:-

“A good thing to emerge from our response to this pandemic is to be much more aware of what the NHS does for us all the time.

But I think teachers in schools are amazing and we should clap for them. I know of some school staff who have volunteered to provide out of term-time schooling for the children of key workers.

This kind of volunteering, which is meeting the needs of vulnerable children by supporting both them and their family, is selfless and amazing

Among them are people who run trains and drive buses, continuing to provide an invaluable service for an easily forgotten sector of the population that doesn’t own a car. And let’s add the delivery people who also support isolated and potentially lonely people

And let’s also give some special applause to shop workers.

Shopping for food and essentials is now a different experience. Having to queue can teach us the art of patience and of making conversation with other people.

Second, we are also learning to make provisions last and to avoid waste. That’s a good thing in itself. It can also remind us that some people’s jobs have just disappeared (in tourism and catering, for example), so feeding yourself and a family can begin to be unaffordable.

Third, empty spaces on the supermarket shelves should remind us that the global food supply chain is expensive, damaging to the environment and increasingly precarious”.

Just some ideas from Bishop Martin but there are many others to also remember; postmen, council workers, delivery drivers, those providing us with water, gas and electricity- how many more can be added? Just give some thought as we clap for our heroes this evening.