Interview with local MP Maria Caulfield on Seahaven FM

This morning ( Saturday 16th May ),Seahaven FM Presenter Nick Mallinson was privileged to broadcast an interview with our local MP Maria Caulfield.

Using her nursing background Ms Caulfield was able to give an insight into being on the front line of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Also as the interview progressed and in her role as a Member of Parliament she was able to set out the Government’s way forward to a way out of the Covid crisis. This covered businesses including the hospitality sector and getting back to some sort of normality.

This was a most interesting interview from a local point of view rather than National.

If you missed the programme it was broadcast between 11.00am and 12.00 pm and is available on the Seahaven FM website – click onto the Home page and select the ” Listen Again ” option. Well worth a few minutes to hear our local MP speak.