Step-up Temporary Timetable, effective Sunday 17 May 2020

We have some notification from the Railways about a new timetable coming into force on Sunday.

“From 17 May 2020, the UK rail industry will introduce a new timetable, to support the United Kingdom’s efforts to tackle coronavirus. The focus is on increasing space for key workers, safely and reliably. The timetable will operate until further notice.

The timetable restores some additional train services with earlier start and later finish times, adds more cross-London Thameslink services and increases frequencies across the network to create more space for customers on-board.

The new timetable is an adapted version of the plan for the Saturday timetable in the original Summer 2020 plan, now operating on a Monday-Saturday basis. These adaptions are focused on matching where possible early and late-night services and uplifts in train frequencies to cover peak travel periods.

It is different to the timetable that is currently operating, so it is important that passengers check before travelling because the times of trains and station calling patterns will change.  

Designing the step-up temporary timetable

The base of the new timetable is the plan for the Saturday Summer 2020 timetable, this is because it supports the £150m upgrade of Gatwick Airport railway station. This is a vitally important project that will be transformative in terms of improving accessibility and reducing platform crowding and delays. It will be delivered between May 2020 and 2023, with two years of intensive platform works between May 2020 and May 2022. You can find out more about the upgrade at  

The platform works affect the number of trains that can stop at Gatwick and slightly reduces the number of trains that can operate per hour across the entire Brighton Main Line. While this important work is underway, there will be sixteen trains per hour in each direction through the station for the majority of the day, two fewer than could otherwise operate. This has created changes to Southern and Thameslink services as we make the most of the available capacity on the railway and run longer trains wherever possible.”

Best to check anyway before travelling but looks like a few extra trains will be running although probably the usual two trains an hour from Seaford, Newhaven, Lewes and Brighton but the the times will revert to Saturday running rather than the Sunday timetable at present.