Lockdown -highs and lows?

At last with the fantastic weather we are having, there are some slight reductions in the lockdown and we are all a little bit more free to get out and about.

This does not mean that the virus has gone away so please remember the basics about hygiene and social distancing.

But what has happened in those weeks since 23rd March?

Many of us have had complete change of lifestyle with time spent with our immediate families, teaching our children, testing our patience but also a time to reflect and think about life a little more perhaps without the distractions of commercialism.

But what else- our hair is now out of control with no way back for hairdressers at the moment-what will we look like in another month- or are we cutting our own? Is your partner cutting yours- do let us know!

Do you feel that you are missing trips to the beauty salon, or have you come to terms with a more relaxed look?

Did you flinch when your latest energy bill arrived? Is it higher than ever because we have all been at home so much, especially the water bill?

We are all using more water especially the gardners having to keep the garden looking fresh.

Will we soon have water restrictions because we have not had any rain in the time we have been in lockdown? Strangely enough before that it seemed to rain all the time and we wondered if we could find a pair of shoes that didn’t let in water!

Do let us know your thoughts – contact local news at:- peter.longden@seahavenfm.com or go onto the website and e-mail your favourite presenter.

Oh yes, and enjoy the weather!