Maria Caulfield MP urges people to stay away from cliff edges

Maria Caulfield MP is urging people to stay away from cliff edges in beauty spots along the south coast including Seaford Head and Seven Sisters.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend photos emerged showing dozens of people standing on the cliff edges across the south coast with some people being very close to the edge even hanging on to an overhanging wall to get around it over the edge.

The local MP is warning both tourists and local residents to stay away from the cliff edge, no matter how tempting it is to look over the edge or attempt to get a photo close to it. Not only are individuals at risk of slips and trips close to the edge, but due to land falls many of the cliffs overhang the base meaning that any weight put on them may cause the ground to give way causing a life threatening drop.

Maria Caulfield MP said “It really isn’t worth it to put yourself in danger getting so close to the edge of the cliffs. There is a high chance of cliff falls as the edges often overhang the base. Our local coastline is a beautiful place to visit, especially in lovely weather like we have had lately, but please keep safe, keep away from the edges of the cliffs, and enjoy the views from further back.”