Update on Significant Planned Road Works on the M23 and At Gatwick Airport

The following works are scheduled on the M23, subject to weather conditions. 

Monday to Friday 07:00 to 19:00 daily for 13 weeks

Full closure of J10 exit slip Northbound. Diversion to J9 and back southbound to Junction 10.

Monday 1 to Friday 5 June (inclusive) 20:00 to 06:00

Full closure of the Godstone to Crawley link

Diversion via M25 J8, anticlockwise back to J6 on the M25 and follow A22, A264 to J10
on the M23.

Full closure of J9 exit slip Southbound (Gatwick Spur)

Diversion to J10 and back northbound to J9.

Full closure of Reigate to Crawley link

Diversion via M25 J6 and follow A22, A264 and join at J10 M23.

M23 J8 to J9 Southbound closure with J9 to J10 open

Diversion M25 to J6, A22, A264 and join at J10. Diversion for Gatwick North Terminal
J10 M23, A2011 Crawley Avenue, A23 London Road, Airport Way. Diversion for Gatwick South Terminal M23 J10 North to J9 and West on the Gatwick Spur

Thurs 4 & Friday 5 June 20:00 to 06:00

Full closure J8 to J10 Southbound

Diversion to Brighton via J6 M25, A22 ,A264 Copthorne Rd, join at J10 M23. Diversion for Gatwick traffic continues on A2011 Crawley Avenue, A23 London Road, Airport Way​​.

Gatwick Airport​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Monday 1 June 2020 to Thursday 4 June 2020

Aone+, on behalf of Highways England, will be carrying out re-surfacing to address skid resistant deficiencies to Airport Way Roundabout, Gatwick Airport South Terminal. In order to carry out these works as efficiently and as safely as possible, work will be carried out overnight between 8pm and 6am utilising lane closures and carriageway closures of Airport Way between the M23 Junction 9 and Gatwick North Terminal, from Monday 1 June 2020 to Thursday 4 June 2020. The works are weather dependent.​​​​​​​

Full closure of Airport Way eastbound from Gatwick Airport, North Terminal Roundabout to the M23 junction 9

Emergency vehicles access will be provided through the works at all times.

Diversions: Clearly signed diversions will be in place suitable for all types of vehicles.

Access to South Terminal:
Vehicles can leave the M23, Junction 9 and follow the spur road towards Gatwick Airport. There will be a narrow lane set up on the approach to the South Terminal roundabout. When works are being carried out on this corner under a safety zone, temporary traffic lights will manage traffic flow, stopping vehicles at the end of the spur road. A convoy vehicle will pick up these vehicles and escort them past the works area at 5 mph where they will be able to continue to the South Terminal. When working away from this corner, temporary traffic lights will be installed, set to green with a 30 mph signed speed limit in place.​​​​​​​

Exit from South Terminal and Diversion:
Vehicles wishing to exit the South Terminal will be provided with an escort service while we are working on the exit corner, to follow the diversion turning left onto Airport Way to the North Terminal roundabout. At the roundabout join the A23, London Road westbound to the 1st roundabout to turn around and re-join the A23 London Road. Follow the A23 London Road to Tushmore Gyratory Roundabout. Take the 1st exit onto the A2011, Crawley Avenue. Follow the A2011 eastbound to join the M23 Junction 10, where vehicles can continue their journey London or Brighton bound.

Access to North Terminal:
Vehicles wishing to access the North Terminal will be diverted off the M23 at junction 10 to follow the A2011 Crawley Avenue. At the 2nd roundabout turn right onto the A23 London Road. Follow the A23 to the North Terminal.

Exit from North Terminal
Follow the above diversion in reverse.​​​​​​​