·       The humble vegetable could boost vitamin D levels across the UK

·       Leading superfood, packed with vitamin D – hit your recommended daily allowance from 8 vitamin D enriched mushrooms

This could take us by surprise but it seems there is more to a mushroom than we think.

With people having spent weeks indoors and the prospect of sunny foreign holidays looking limited, a leading nutritionist is urging us to increase depleted vitamin D levels through considering what food we eat.

This comes as fresh research reveals that the usual way of getting vitamin D is via supplements for 19% of us, while fewer than one-in-ten of us (9%) do so via vitamin D rich foods.

Furthermore one in four of us admit we don’t get our daily recommended vitamin intake and another quarter say they have “no clue” what their recommended daily dose should be.

Yet almost the same number of people (22%) are worried about their immune system being weakened by the lockdown period.

Nutritionist and best-selling cookery author, Madeleine Shaw, believes mushrooms could be part of the solution. All our recommended daily amount of vitamin D could come from eating eight medium-sized vitamin D enriched mushrooms.

As a key vitamin essential in supporting a normal immune system, vitamin D plays a vital role in keeping our bones healthy as it works to regulate our intake of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. The latest NHS advice now urges us to consider increasing our vitamin D intake from 5 micrograms to 10 micrograms daily.

A leading superfood like blueberries and avocados, the humble mushroom is rich in umani, letting us reduce our salt intake without compromising on flavor. Mushrooms also contain virtually no fat and two types of dietary fibres, beta-glucans and chitin, which keep you feeling fuller for longer and help to maintain or lose weight.

Urging households to become more label-aware when shopping, Madeleine Shaw thinks we should take a closer look at what is in the food we consume and see how we can give our immune system a natural boost not just as we emerge from lockdown but in the long term too.