Maria Caulfield MP welcomes local funding from National Lottery

Over £45,408 of National Lottery funding to tackle loneliness in Seaford has been welcomed by Maria Caulfield MP.

The award of £45,408 to Seafriends for their Covid19 Support work will see them use the funding to ensure older and isolated members of the community are supported through welfare checks and discussions about ongoing needs. The project aims to match people to a volunteer for regular calls and companionship. The funding will be used to meet the increase in need for the service due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The National Lottery Community Fund is the UK’s largest funder of projects tackling loneliness. Thanks to National Lottery players, almost £6 million of National Lottery funding has gone to more than 400 projects tackling loneliness and social isolation across England since the lockdown began.

Maria Caulfield MP said “Loneliness is a terrible affliction that can easily creep up on people over time leaving them isolated and vulnerable. This is even more so during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown and many people with serious health conditions not able to leave their homes at all.”

“I know that many organisations have been phoning their members to check that they are okay. This money will go a long way to help tackle loneliness during the pandemic and beyond.”


It’s easy, sometimes, to think that you’re happiest alone.

Then there are other days when you know that having only one person, or none, to talk to is making you depressed. Empty.

And the more it happens, the worse it seems to be.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place where you could find someone to chat to? Just to chat, with no expectations. No “side”. No hidden message. Like visiting a cafe and falling into a conversation.

Two minutes of chat? Fine. A bit longer? Great. No problem. Your decision.

That’s what Seafriends is about.

Better, there are no strings attached, requirements, no cost at all. Free of all responsibity – except mutual courtesy! – just like that informal chat in the cafe, club or pub.

It’s an entirely voluntary organisation, and it will cost you nothing.