More spare time during lockdown means 40% of us have been more adventurous with our cooking

·       38% agree their confidence in the kitchen has grown during lockdown due to cooking more dishes from the comfort of their home

·       Italian (34%), Spanish (16%) , Greek (13%) and French (12%) cuisine voted as some of most inspiring European cuisines

Even though restaurants will begin to reopen from 4th July and our trusty takeaway favourites will remain to be our respite from the kitchen for the time being, many of us have enjoyed embracing home cooking now more than ever. In fact, more than half of us (51%) say we have spent more time cooking during lockdown, while 43% have cooked something we’ve never cooked before.

Despite juggling work conference calls or home-schooling kids, many feel they have extra spare time during lockdown with 40% using this to be more adventurous with their cooking, and a further 46% of us looking for different recipes to try and master during lockdown.

When it comes to finding inspiration for our mealtimes, 24% of us love learning about food from around the world and 13% have even cooked more culturally inspired dishes during lockdown because we have not been able to travel, taking our taste buds on journeys many of us have had to cancel. Italian (34%), English (22%), Spanish (16%), Greek (13%) and French (12%) cuisine top the list of our most inspirational European cuisines.

In an attempt to perfect their pasta, paella and moussaka, many wannabe chefs have been adding to their arsenal during lockdown by investing in specialist ingredients (10%), blenders (9%) and cookbooks (9%) for their kitchen to spice up their cooking. Young people have been getting in on the action too, with 18% of 16 – 24 year olds surveyed revealing that they have invested in a cookbook for their kitchen to help spice up their cooking during lockdown.

This culinary experimentation also seems to be building our confidence in the kitchen for the long-term. 25% of people are planning to eat out less after lockdown and even host more dinner parties.